How to win an Instagram giveaway

As with any social network, Instagram allows you to not only communicate with friends and find single women, but also run your business, , promoting certain goods and services. There are many ways to gain popularity and boost your account, one of them is to hold giveaways. Such an event is a great way to attract new subscribers, as well as increase the loyalty of existing ones. In this case, there is an obvious benefit both for the organizers of the competition and for its participants.

● Instagram giveaways

As for those who host the online competition for goods or services, they, of course, spend time, money, loose goods or other resources, but gain certainly more. This is, in fact:

· Those who hold this event receive an inflow of subscribers, as well as receive advertisements at the expense of reposts. At the same time, this advertisement is paid not from cash, but by transferring the promoted goods or services, which makes it possible to get the effect of spreading the popularity as well.

· Those who participate have the opportunity to receive the necessary thing or service for a very simple action.
● How to win such a giveaway
In most cases, the organizers of the competition will require a report of the initial message with a certain hashtag as a confirmation of taking part in the giveaway. In this case, the winner is determined by a random number generator. So to win it is necessary:

· To fulfill the conditions for the placement of a census exactly, for which it is sufficient to read the conditions carefully

· A little luck to be exactly the lucky one miss Fortune will choose.

However, sometimes contests are held between people, and the victory depends on whether your work or complete task will be chosen by the organizers. These include those where the winner is the one whose post or report will gain the maximum number of likes too. How to get likes on Instagram?

· To post a post with a call to like and wait - as a rule, such an approach is unlikely to bring victory even if you bring all your friends to action;

· Go to a large number of other people's accounts, subscribe to them or just like dozens of photos for them to notice you and reply by liking the post that takes part in the contest - most will refuse, while there is a risk that they will complain to such an applicant for spam;

· Add likes with the help of special services.
The latter method is paid and undesirable because:
· The use of third-party services in Instagram is not encouraged and may be punished with a ban;
· The cost of cheating may be equal to the value of the prize;
· Even a large number of likes bought does not guarantee victory, because another user can also use this service, and in this case, money will be thrown to the wind;
· Instagram is, of course, not encouraging the organizers of the contests to make their users use these methods; if such a violation is discovered, the participant can be simply excluded from the number of applicants and even the whole giveaway can be closed down.

Of course, do not forget about the moral side of such cheating. And about the fact that most of the prizes are somehow pleasant, but not at all necessary items or services, it is hardly worth risking the reputation of your account for such a small reward.