Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hosting a Successful Giveaway on Instagram

Do you consider holding a giveaway on one of the most popular social media platforms? For example, to attract more audience or celebrate your first 10,000 followers? These are the perfect reasons to do something great for your audience and increase the statistics!

As any challenging and complicated process, an Instagram giveaway requires following certain rules that we will talk about below. Be sure to use them to make the most out of your next giveaway!

1. Form your goal

When planned properly, the giveaway can be highly beneficial for both our audience and the activity of your account. The end result is determined by you depending on your expectations and it can be anything from the growth of the number of subscribers to just making your audience a pleasant surprise.

2. Decide on a cool prize
What's a giveaway without a prize ?! Think over your budget and what you are ready to share. It can be something you got in a PR package as an influencer or just bought for your own money. This should be something relevant for your target

3. Make the rules simple
This is what will generally influence the number of people participating. If there are too many steps, not all people will be interested to make it till the end and follow all of them. But this can make sense when the prize is really valuable.

· To fulfill the conditions for the placement of a census exactly, for which it is sufficient to read the conditions carefully

A common structure will include steps like being subscribed to your profile, like the last 5-6 photos, leaving a comment tagging a friend or telling about a giveaway on the Instagram stories or reposting a picture to the min profile with a request to follow the account hosting a giveaway.

4. Do not make it last forever
Chose the length of 3 to 6 days, no more. Because it will work contrary to what you assume. The longer the giveaway lasts, the fewer people will enter. They can think that there will be too much participant and their chance of winning is really small, as a result, if many people think so, you will end up having a small number of participants. So, quick and easy several-hour long giveaways are also interesting and fun too.

5. Promote, promote and promote once more!
By just starting a giveaway you won’t attract the attention of your audience. Some of them can scroll by your pot or simply not notice it. Ask your friends with a large number of followers to repost your post and remind about it in your stories too if you want a full engagement of your audience and the increase of new people in general.

6. Be fair when choosing a winner
After the end date has come, do not put it away, make an online translation or the screen recording of your choosing the winner using the randomizer app for people not to claim that you could have cooked up the results. And if your giveaway required your personal opinion and checking, then explain why you have chosen that or another winner, show their comment/work/video/photo/complete task, so that others could see your choice.

Of course, the winner will be legitimate only if they have followed all the rules otherwise you will have to choose another one. If everything is as it should be, contact the winner and show the audience that you follow your part of the giveaway. When you send a prize, you can even ask a winner to leave their feedback and show that the transaction has happened.