Monday, August 23, 2010

SodaStream Review

We drink a LOT of soda at the Giveways for Mom household. Before we became parents, we had cut soda out completely. Then I became a mom & constantly had a bad case of mommy exhaustion, & needed the bursts of caffeine throughout the day. Soon, I was spending way more money on soda than this frugal mommy was happy with.

When I heard about SodaStream, I admit I was a bit leery. I didn't think you could possibly make yummy-tasting soda at home. I'd thought it be flat. When our SodaStream arrived on our doorstep, I made my husband take the first taste. He said it was yummy & made me try it. And he was right! We made Root Beer first & it WAS yummy! It tasted like store bought soda!

How does it work?? You simply fill up the bottle that comes with it, give it 3 blasts with the tank to carbonate it, add in the syrup, lightly shake, & amazingly you have great-tasting soda!

SodaStream is a great value, too! It breaks down to just 25 cents per 12 ounces of soda! That is a huge savings from buying canned soda! Plus, you're saving the environment by not using up a ton of alluminum cans. The bottle that comes with it is re-usable & BPA-free!

SodaStream sodas are better for you, too! Compared to Pepsi & Coke, which have 100 calories per serving, SodaStream Cola only has 34 calories per serving! You get the same great taste for fewer calories. SodaStream offers 30 different flavors of soda, including Energy, my personal favorite! They also offer sparkling water flavors, which my husband loves!

Want to try SodaStream in your home?

SodaStream offers kits starting at$99.95 here.
We personally love the Fountain Jet Soda Starter kit!

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