Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hefty Basics helps are conveninet AND green!

We really strive to be as green as possible in our house, but sometimes LIFE gets in the way of that! We always try to use as many reusable products as possible, but I love finding disposable products that are green at the same time for when reusable products just aren't convenient for us.

I am SO glad that I found Hefty Basics products! Hefty Basics are free of inks, dyes, and coatings and are 100% biodegradable! We've used these plates recently when we had a BIG blizzard. We were warned by the National Guard to prepare for loss of power and water. I didn't want to have a bunch of dirty, stinky dishes laying around and not be able to wash them in case we had no power and water, so I pulled out the Hefty Basics paper plates! They were sturdy and didn't leak through like other paper plates often do. And I loved that I could use them with confidence, knowing that I wasn't bringing yucky chemicals into our home and that I wasn't adding excess trash to our environment, since they are biodegradable!

I also really love that Hefty Basics products have Box Tops for Education! I save these for my niece's school.

Hefty® Basics™ disposable paper plates deliver the strength and value you expect from the Hefty® brand and much more. Free of inks, dyes or coatings, Hefty® Basics™ paper plates are biodegradable in home composting making them a perfect choice for environmentally-conscious consumers. Hefty® Basics™ plates are designed to deliver the strength needed to support most any meal. Great for serving family meals or entertaining a gathering of friends or family, these microwavable plates are competitively priced to deliver superior value without busting your budget.

Hefty® Basics™ paper plates deliver the performance, strength and value you want and you can feel good using them. The plates are available in 45-count 8 5/8-inch lunch plate packages and 24-count 10 1/4-inch dinner plate packages.

Hefty® Basics™ has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation™ on a quest to plant 10,000 trees, one for every ten new “Like”s on Facebook!
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